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The Neuflo System consists of the Neuflo Control Unit and the Neuflo Catheter. The Neuflo Catheter has electrodes that extend into the prostate. The Control Unit is a DC current source that provides a constant current for a specified period of time. The current flows between the positive and negative electrodes. Together, the positive and negative electrodes set up an electro-chemical cell.Anode Cathode Illustration At the anode or positive electrode, water is broken into hydrogen (H+) ions and molecular oxygen. The H+ ions, created at the anode, form a highly acidic region that spreads out from the anode. A similar process occurs at the cathode, or negative electrode, forming hydroxyl (OH-) ions and molecular hydrogen. The OH- ions, created at the cathode, form a highly basic region that spreads out from the cathode. Cells are killed in the regions of high concentration of H+ and OH- ions.

Extreme acidic and basic environments cause cell necrosis. Both polarities of electrodes may be inserted into the prostate. The volume of tissue necrosis can be controlled by the length of the electrode, the level of current applied, and the amount of time that current is applied. Ionix Medical research has shown that DC ablation causes tissue necrosis without causing extremes in temperature, either hot or cold. With DC ablation, the tissue necrosis tends to follow and stay contained within natural tissue boundaries such as the prostate capsule.



The Neuflo Catheter is made of a flexible polymer material for patient comfort with an inflatable silicone balloon at its tip to position the catheter in the prostate during the procedure. The catheter contains electrodes that apply treatment to the prostate.

NeuFlo Control Unit


The Neuflo Control Unit is a small, portable device with an LCD touch screen for displaying and controlling settings and treatment information. The control unit is designed to simplify the setup and control of the therapy.

Caution: Investigational device. Limited by Federal (US) law to investigational use.

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